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September Polls Results

STEFAN NOONS STAYS AHEAD Scottish singer/songwriter STEFAN NOONS remains on top of the Artists Poll for September following his recent return to AOLM with new tracks. Hong Kong based D.HO was second, ahead of Cleethorpe's RYAN JAGGER who is still appearing around the UK at various Pride events and to all accounts, going down a storm. DEXTER BRITAIN came next ahead of London based Aussie JOHNSON JAY and BILLY JON took the final place UNSUNG LILLY WINS AGAIN It was Guildford's UNSUNG LILLY who again topped the Monthly Bands Poll for September. They were ahead of Oxford's SPRING OFFENSIVE with CANTERBURY taking third spot. There was an international feel to the poll with the excellent KABUL DRERAMS from Afghanistan coming next ahead of Brighton's KAI with Canadian band the YAQUBI BROTHERS taking sixth.

Posted on 2013-10-07 12:43:08.89