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May Poll Results

BILLY JON TOPS MAY ARTISTS POLL BILLY JON whose new single was our Top Track in May had a clear lead over previous winners RYAN JAGGER and D.HO. Ryan is currently dashing around the UK appearing at various Pride events and appears to creating a sensation everywhere he plays. More previous winners DEXTER BRITAIN, JOHNSON JAY and MATTHEW G completed the top six. Guildford's UNSUNG LILLY were the most popular band in May's Poll, they were well clear of Oxford's SPRING OFFENSIVE. Then came CANTERBURY and KAI with KABUL DREAMS from Afghanistan making their debut in the top six, a little way ahead of OUR LOST INFANTRY. Great to see KABUL DREAMS in the lists, well done to them and we wish them every success with their new releases.

Posted on 2013-06-15 12:23:49.327